Thanksgiving Tablescape

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yesterday at 10:30 pm I realized I never published my blog post. Whoopsies. Every year I'm in charge of decorating my parent's Thanksgiving day table. I found a photo that I want to replicate on's so beautiful! And lucky for me I have a friend who is a florist. :)

I had a tough time finding the right color of purple napkins this last minute but amazon prime saved the day and I'm going to try these out.

I also found this printable on Pinterest and already printed it out on ivory cardstrock.

And THEN I stumbled upon these AWESOME plates! I just love them! Christmas is coming M...this is an easy one!

What kind of "theme" are you going with this year for your Thanksgiving table?

PS I have a slew of "projects" going on right now that I can't even wait to show you/tell you about! Stay tuned!

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