The not-so Vegas Sequined Skirt

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The poor sequined skirt gets a bad rap. While I mostly reserve it for bachelorette parties and weekends in Vegas (because I go there so often) I think it's perfect for the holiday season, especially for Holiday photos! Dressing it down makes it more approachable. Here are some ideas below! And yes I definitely threw on some red lipstick to hide my dirty, messy hair. Now you know. ;) my other disclaimer is that I should be wearing tights with my skirt but it was 75 when I was doing this and way too hot for that. Feel free to adjust if you live somewhere that actually has a winter.

cozy cable knit sweater was so comfy!

a dressier look for a party or christmas cards!

this one realllly needs tights. i've seen other girls pull off the plaid and sequined look combined. i'm not convinced. it's like redneck meets LA party girl.

another cozy look. the sweater is actually a metallic silver in the light

nothing like juxtaposing the sequined skirt with a sweatshirt and converse!

and the post wouldn't be complete without some chambray!
Are you dreaming of new ways to wear your sequined skirt? Take that thing out of the "party girl" section of your closet and reinvent her!


  1. So cute! I love how you styled it in each shot. What shade and brand is your lipstick?

    1. it's called purty persimmon by wet n wild. good old cheap lipstick!

  2. So many cute options...who knew a sequins skirt could be so versatile?!

  3. Love how you styled these! All of the outfits look great!

  4. hahah redneck meets LA party girl! lol And I was going to ask if you got a new haircut or bangs? Looks so cute! Love the red lippy. And maybe it's time I pull out my old sequined skirt now. I totally forgot about it.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  5. The red shirt combo is absolutely GORGEOUS on you!!

  6. Ooooooh I love the plain and chambray! Thank you for the inspiration!


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