(In)Fertility Friday

Friday, November 21, 2014

Nothing new. Just in the waiting part of the process.

The 10 or so days of waiting to see if I'm prego are the worst. Honestly these days mess with me way more than getting a big fat "no" from a pregnancy test. The non-stop over analyzing of every minute thing my body is feeling has me going insane. "Oh, I'm thirsty...maybe I'm pregnant? Oh, I'm kind of crampy... maybe I'm pregnant? Oh, it's Tuesday...maybe I'm pregnant?" UGH. I'm emotionally exhausted. At this point I'm not feeling prego at all and am all set to start my cycle on Thanksgiving...oh goody

Yesterday I caught up on some of my devotions and the author really hit the nail on the head with what I'm struggling with. The first thing I'm still trying to grasp is that God is all-sufficient for me. I want there to be nothing on earth that I desire more than him. I want to delight in him and rejoice in him in hopes of showing the world that I am blessed and to encourage them to turn to him in times of trouble. The second thing I'm learning is to truly want to glorify him in all I do. I do not want anything to set my heart beating so fast as my love for him. And finally to remember that he has taken up my cause and I am not alone in this. I so easily start to fear and doubt that God is with me through this trial. I often feel alone and frantic and wanting to solve the problem on my own by trying every known fertility aid on earth. For me, having peace/faith/trust has been the hardest thing. Slowly I know God is growing me and I absolutely can't wait to sing a song of praise when this baby comes!
(paraphrased from Charles Spurgeon Nov 16, 17, 20). 


Now back to the world of distraction I have created for myself...

My friend and I hit up JoAnn yesterday to get supplies to craft a felt Christmas tree for our littles. The stinking thing cost me $40 bucks but I blame that on the new $10 scissors I bought to cut the felt and the glitter buttons etc. Surely you could make this for $10 but it wouldn't be nearly as cute ;). I'm excited to get started on it! B was a pistol when we tried to snap a pic in front of the giant Christmas tree (you're shocked, I know).

Since my friend lives so close to the shopping center we walked back to her house for some toddler play time. Give the girl a phone and a baby and apparently she's okay with photos...

And then on my way home I spotted a vacant home that just had some trees chopped down in the front yard. I've been on the prowl for affordable real wood stump chargers and can't find anything under $30 a pop! I quickly pulled over and hauled three big stumps into my car in hopes that M can slice them down into 12 lovely chargers. He's so lucky to have me. ;)

And that's a wrap! This weekend we are hanging at the beach with M and his fam. I'm looking forward to lots of hands on deck and some good old relaxation! I love to be busy at home but sometimes it's nice to getaway. Happy weekend!


  1. Hi so we have been trying since July and we are having no luck! Like you we got pregnant with our first right away so naturally I thought the same thing would happen and it's not. The frustrating part is seeing or hearing of people getting pregnant without trying!! Sometimes I feel I'm just meant to have one child and it saddens me because I want my son to have a sibling! I hope it happens for the both of us soon!!!!

  2. I totally get your emotional stuff....its a crazy game I like to play with myself, except I hate it!!

    way to go on grabbing those logs! if you have any extra feel free to send them my way!haha

    and also I am making a felt wall for Ellie and a tree is part of the plan!! so fun

  3. love you and your heart for the Lord. Praying for you constantly. xo


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