Light of my Life

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We got our new pendant lights installed and some cans and wow what a difference! I absolutely love the lights we chose (even though they weren't any of the ones I featured!) and aside from our flooring I don't feel the need to change anything else about our kitchen. M is heaving a huge sigh of relief.

Since our kitchen is so big I decided to go with larger pendants. I like how deep they are in color because it matches our cabinet hardware and counter tops. I just love the pure white color of the new lights whereas the old ones threw out a gross yellowish light. I would love a medium stained hardwood floor but for now the tile is toddler proof and hides dog hair/crumbs very well. Clearly my cleaning skills are amazing. ;)

Thanks for all your input and for the one person who suggested we look at Lowes. :)


  1. Love the lights! And I love the rug under your table. Where did you get it from? Is it an indoor/outdoor rug?

    Deanna --->

  2. i love it, your kitchen looks great. That's the one thing that's a must in my next house, an open kitchen!!

  3. Wow what a difference! The lighting you chose looks great!

  4. we just put in a similar light over our sink in the kitchen! we got it at Lowes too on clearance since it was discontinued!! I love it and the industrial look they give!! nice job!!


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