Toddler Wedding Survival Kit

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

 Oh toddlers...tricky little stinkers they can be! After Blair's stage five melt down at the rehearsal I was definitely sweating bullets over the wedding day. There was no way on God's green earth that she was going to walk down that aisle by herself. She wanted Mama and that was final. So we decided that she could walk down with me and hold my! She did an awesome job but I can't say that there wasn't bribing involved. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Here's how we managed to keep her happy during the ceremony...

And of course we prepped her for about a month before the wedding on what it would be like. We read her this book over and over and even had her practice throwing fake petals. Along with that we told her that if she did a good job walking down the aisle that she would get suckers and Frozen dolls. Proud parenting moment right there. But you know what? It worked. And we don't do it all the time so I was totally okay with it. She was a dream and everyone gushed over her the entire night. Plus we got to relax at the reception which was awesome. I'm putting this one down as a success in my book!

see that smile on my face? it spells "relief"

she carried her own mini bouquet

still practicing throwing her petals...

she took advantage of the empty dance floor right away!

and then found a friend :)
 There is no way on God's green earth that I could have managed being in my best friend's wedding without M. I can't say enough how grateful I was to have him there. He earned some serious brownie points! On the day of the wedding I was MIA from about 7 am to midnight which made for a long day for him. And he didn't just plop her down in front of the iPad for hours of Peppa Pig (which she would have loved) but instead he took her to a fancy breakfast at the hotel, followed by swimming/jacuuzi, a shower, a nap, getting her dressed and bringing her down for pre-wedding photos.

Hope this gave you some help to how to control your wild child little one at special events! :)


  1. I LOVE your site,I am so happy I found it!! :) your little family looks adorable,what a good daddy she has. I know all about the meltdowns,and bribery! I think it's a mom thing. LOL

  2. When Josie was 2 1/2 she was the flower girl at my brothers wedding. I was a nervous wreck too hoping that she would behave and actually walk down the aisle. We told her that if she walked down the aisle uncle Brian would be there and he would give her a candy. She walked down the aisle beautifully, walked straight to my brother who gave her a kiss and a miss piggy Pez dispenser. Everyone thought it was just precious that she walked straight to her uncle for a kids on his wedding day. My brother and I knew it was the candy she was after. It worked beautifully and she quietly ate her Pez during the ceremony. So don't feel bad, I bribed my kid too!

  3. Holy macaroni Blair is adorable!! I love her dress and it looks like you fouls the perfect slip!

    Great job mama! So proud of you getting that girl down the aisle!!

    Ps. Would love for you to write another guest post for Toddler Tuesday! And also I am praying hard for you

    1. I'd be happy to write another post! And thank you for the prayers!

  4. I'm looking for a similar flower girl dress for my daughter (just in a different color). Can you share where you got it from? I would appreciate it!

    1. Etsy! I just searched for flower girl dress. Also searching it on Pinterest helped :)


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