Lake Tahoe Wedding Round 1

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's 11 pm and I just put Blair to bed. We had a VERY busy weekend celebrating my BFF's wedding in Lake Tahoe. It was truly the most gorgeous setting I've ever been to and we had such a great time soaking it all in. Needless to say I have a million photos and I'm not sorry to say I'll be posting them all week. Lucky you! ;) And of course along with the photos come the stories as well.

 We also did get to hang out with Natasha from Schue Love and had such an enjoyable afternoon visit. Can't wait to talk about that this week too! But first, the beginning of the wedding madness...the rehearsal! B was an absolute PILL during the rehearsal. I seriously didn't think she would be attending the wedding, let alone be the flower girl. Come to find out the girl doesn't do well on an empty stomach. Mommy fail.

Hard to tell but half dome is in the picture. And come to find out Mt. Whitney did me dirty. My ENTIRE bottom lip blistered from being in the sun for 12 hours with minimal protection. You can imagine how hot that looked at Kelly's wedding. UGH.

Tired from traveling but someone still had some spunk in her while we ate at Garwoods.

The view from the 9th floor of the Hyatt at Lake Tahoe. Stunning!

The beautiful bride and her maids!

The view from where we got ready and the location of the ceremony.

The handsome couple!

Blair and Daddy soakin in some sun. M 100% gets Dad of the year after this weekend!

You better believe we bribed her with some Frozen dolls. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!

Baby photo bombs again!

I'll be chatting later this week about what we did to get this finicky toddler down the aisle without a tantrum. I probably did every "bad" parenting option this weekend but hey when you don't want your kid to ruin your bff's wedding you bend the rules.. This week it's back to business, Blair! No more suckers and dolls at the drop of a hat. No more bargaining or bribing...vacation is over! ;) 

*Most photos taken by Mandy Ansari


  1. Love all the pics!! Blair seriously is a doll and now I want to make a trip to the Hyatt! ;)

  2. Love her headband! Where is it from?!!

  3. Great photos! I love your flannel, where is it from!


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