Mickey's Halloween Party

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Be prepared for some pretty marginal photos. But seriously! Why are toddlers SO hard to photograph?! Mine in particular wanted nothing to do with the camera last night at Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. She sure had fun trick-or-treating like a queen while riding in her stroller shouting "trick or treat!"

clearly she's thrilled

practicing her princess pose

how cute were our friends! mary poppins, a chimney sweep, and a penguin if you couldn't tell ;)

getting two toddlers to smile...impossible
the aftermath
At the beginning of the night I would bribe her one for one...one piece of candy for each acceptable picture. But as the night went on she was over my bribe and the rest is history...no more decent pics from her!

She was a trooper though and even stayed awake till 10! Her last request was to ride the tea cups and on the way over she fell asleep so we took that as our cue to ride some adult rides and switch off with our friends. Unfortunately when I woke her up to take her potty before our drive home she FREAKED out saying "I didn't get to ride the tea cups!!!" How in the world to toddlers remember this stuff?! I told her next time we can which of course was no consolation to her. Sigh. Apparently going trick-or-treating at Disneyland isn't enough?


  1. Love the pic of her standing on her tippy toes! And isn't there a phrase that elephants {and toddlers} never forget??? It's so true!

  2. looks like such a great time!! Love her freak out about the tea cups, too cute!

  3. Abigail has a crazy CRAZY memory like B too. Blows my mind!!

    Y'all are the cutest. Seriously!!! I'm super jealous you guys are so close to Disney. It really looks like so so so much fun!

  4. So jealous that live close enough to just pop into Mickeys Halloween Party!! Looks like a blast (even if a certain toddler wouldn't pose - oh how I know how that goes!)


  5. Ahh! How cute are you all! But Blair takes the cake! I am just learning about Mickey's Halloween Party and we'll have to be sure to get tickets and take Kaitlyn to do this next year!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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