(In)Fertility Fridays + Indoor Playground

Friday, August 15, 2014

Yup this is happening. A weekly update on all things infertility.

I finished my dose of Clomid (3 pills a day) and gave myself a shot of Menopur. Which, btw I am totally professional at doing now. Then on Monday I head to the doctor to get another ultrasound to spy on my eggs. Prayers could be that I have more than one egg this time which ultimately raises my chances of getting pregnant.

Today is a good day. Yesterday was a bad day. The waves of sadness come and go and I just can't tell if it's my meds or just me. Either way in a couple weeks I'm meeting with a woman from my church who has dealt with secondary infertility herself. She's awesome and I'm looking forward to it. So yes, this crazy nut is officially in counseling. I also had the opportunity to meet with a girl from my church who also went through secondary infertility (SI) earlier this week. She was so sweet and gifted me the cutest frame with an encouraging scripture, "Be still and know that I am God." Surrounding myself with people who have been there seems to help me not feel so alone. Naturally I'm meeting with another mama next week as well. Keep 'em coming!

I found this extremely calming and encouraging in my devotional this week: "He is the Physician, and if He knows everything, there is no need for the patient to know. Calm down, you silly fluttering heart, prying, peeping, and suspecting! What you don't know now, you will know later; and meanwhile Jesus, the Beloved Physician, knows your soul in adversities, Why does the patient need to analyze all the medicine or estimate all the symptoms? This is the Physician's work, not mine; it is my business to trust, and His to prescribe. If He shall write his prescription in a fashion that I cannot read, I will not be uneasy on that account, but will rely upon His unfailing skill to make everything clear in the result, no matter how mysterious the process - Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

Now back to life with a toddler. And if you need a good laugh then you should read on to see what happened at Little Gym yesterday... excuse the blurry pics. Catching a toddler in action is impossible!

 A couple friends of mine have suggested multiple times that we try out a local "indoor playground" for toddlers. The gym opens the room for an hour and charges $4 a child. Totally reasonable and so fun! They have everything from trampolines to bounce houses, foam cube pits, balance beams etc. I knew Blair would love it.

So before we headed out the door B went potty and off we went. Once we got there I skipped the potty line and we headed straight for the tunnel since she just went. Rookie mistake. I know that when Blair is at church or another very fun activity she has accidents. It's like she's having so much fun she doesn't want to leave and waste time on the potty. I get it, but I'm at the age with which I can hold it...

So as she's standing next to me she starts peeing on the wood floor and I panic. I tell her, "Stop peeing! Stop peeing!" Like that is even a possibility. I pick her up and at first think that holding her away from me while running to the bathroom is a good idea. Then I quickly realize this is going to leave a huge trail of pee behind us so I have her bear hug me and I lift my top up under her bum to catch the flood. And what idiot Mom gives her kid a cup and a half of flax milk right before we go?! This one.

Needless to say this was no little tinkle. This was a torrential downpour. By the time we get to the potty she's done peeing...all. over. me. My shirt was soaked and I definitely had pee all down the front of my pants as well. But we had just got there and already paid (I know, a whole $4) and I wasn't calling it quits. So I took her panties off (her shorts were dry...how is this possible?) and wore a pee shirt the rest of the hour. This mom deserves an honorable mention.
the mecca

I stealthily mopped up the drops of pee with my sock (classy) and stayed mum. I was scared that if I told the owner Blair peed on the floor that we would get the boot or possibly not allowed back. That's probably irrational but I wasn't willing to chance it. I had found the toddler mecca for $4 and I wasn't giving up so easily! I'm not sure what the other moms thought about my drenched shirt but I just pretended like it was sweat from my workout that morning. If only I worked out that hard...

Sigh. Lesson learned. Take your kid potty more than you think necessary. Bring an extra pair of clothes for her (and me!), wear socks, and never let your kid eat off the floor...my kid peed there.


  1. Omg what a crazy pee story! I am dreading potty training! Diapers forever!

  2. This made me LOL. So funny, and lesson learned.

  3. Haha! Womp womp!! All of the other moms there would so get it. We all have our own crazy potty stories.

    Thank you for sharing that Charles Spurgeon quote! What a refresher to me that was today. I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous that you know so many women in real life dealing with 2IF. I don't know anyone and it's really hard :(

    PS so random, but I was on Pinterest today looking up fall family picture ideas and a picture of your family came up! I was like hey! I know her!

  4. You just made me giggle tonight. We are 2 weeks into this potty training business and wow, is it all time consuming. I swear my son will be kicked out of daycare at our gym as he always has accidents there...and not always pretty ones. I remind myself 6 months from now it will be a distant memory.


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