Camo Crazy

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lately I have been diggin' all things camo...and not just for the boys! I picked up some camo pants for Blair and have been dying to get her these shoes. Our Baby Thompson Love (OBTLove) sent us the cutest camo hair pretty... too bad my uncle asked why there was a "camo bow tie" sitting on our counter. Insert eye roll. Men. No sense of style! ;)

Here are some of my other camo picks!

Happy camouflaging!

Infertility Update:
Yesterday we went to the doctor to discuss round 2 of hormones. During my ultrasound the doctor said there were some things that made her think I could possibly be pregnant so she ordered a blood test to verify. I knew it would be negative but my heart was still racing when I saw the email come through with my results. Could I be pregnant?! Maybe this was my miracle? But it was as I suspected...negative. I didn't cry about it because I already pretty much knew. I'm optimistic for round 2. She upped my dose of Clomid (yay twins!) and confirmed that we will try two more rounds of combination intrauterine insemination (clomid, a shot of Menopur, a shot of HCG, and progesterone) before we move on to a stronger drug and try that for three more months. Basically in 5 months of we still aren't prego we go for IVF. Praying to Jesus this doesn't happen as it is MEGA expensive. Kaiser quotes us 32K. Laughable, right?! Needless to say we will be shopping around for that a bit if it comes down to it!

One thing she did tell us is that since M hasn't had any major health changes in the last 2 years (weight gain, smoking, excessive alcohol etc.) his body has probably always been this way...not 100% conducive to baby makin'. Which means Blair was one big gigantic miracle. It gives me hope to know that we got pregnant once (without help!) when the odds were majorly against us. Surely we will get pregnant with the help of meds and God, right?! I'm hoping yes.

Happy weekend! I'm off to San Jose for my BFF's bridal shower. Can't even wait to focus on someone/something else for a change. :)


  1. I'm a first time commenter, but I love your blog! Blair is adorable, and I appreciate you being so open with your struggles. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Also, dying over those camo mocs ;) too cute!

  2. Blair is so darn her in camo! And I am keeping my fingers crossed that the treatment fun would twins be??? ;) Have fun at the shower this weekend!

  3. I'm wearing my camo pants today too Blair! #twinning

  4. I'm guessing you're like my husband and I and say "Isn't she so darn cute" ALOT. She is just gorgeous gorgeous!

  5. Blair is so darn cute in her camouflage!! Love all of your picks!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  6. Blair is adorable! All this IF talk is making me want to go back to our doctor for more iF meds to help us along!!!


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