Gone Swimmin'

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yesterday my brother and his girlfriend came over to go swimming along with her younger sister. Blair has been Oscar the Grouch lately and seemed to have a marginal time but at least her friend had a good time! To top it off the little stinker only napped an hour and a half. I was really banking on a good nap after all the exercise. Wah. Regardless, I enjoyed some time escaping the heat. 

Poor brookiyn's face when blair declared she did NOT want to take a picture with her. :/

Don't mind my hormone induced bloat :/

I don't know if I'll every buy another suit for Blair that isn't cut like a T-shirt. I mean, can we talk about how easy sunscreen application is in that thing?! A total win in my book. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Word on the rash guards. I'm a one piece piece lover for kids over the baby bikinis, one part bc it covers more skin for the whole screen issue. But we borrowed a friends son suit a few wks back at their house and I saw how easy boy moms have it!! I grabbed a target one yesterday for the beach next wk. I also like how much easier they make going potty ;)


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