New Knick Knacks

Friday, June 27, 2014

 Remember when I asked you for advice on what rug to get for my living room? Well I decided to go with the last rug option since it was the overwhelming winner of the bunch. I think it looks great! Well done, girls. Now I just need to head over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pick up some curtains to complete the space (although is it ever really done?).

it complements the entry way rug well

And something has to be done with the bright game boxes. I'm thinking maybe wrapping them in kraft paper? Totally anal, I know, but I hate how bright they are in such a neutral room.
In the meantime I've added a couple other things around the house...

this tray from target and rustic jar that my mom surprised me with!

this ladder i moved from the upstairs guest bedroom to fill an empty space downstairs. also the creamy rug that our friends didn't want anymore found a new home in our family room

a cute lamp from target (we have no central lighting)

and one more for our mantle (also from target and on sale!)
Large Lamp
Small Lamp

Have a fabulous weekend! If you haven't noticed we have been in Oahu all week but our vacation is soon coming to an end. Can't wait to give you updates!


  1. I love the Nick Nacks.... and Target is so great for things like that!

  2. Your house is so beautiful! Great choice on the new rug :)


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