Father's Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father's Day is almost here! And thanks to the two manly men living in my house (yes I said two, no I'm not pregnant with a boy) I've got some great gift ideas!

But before gifts let's talk Sam, our new roomie. Sam is one of our good friends from church and he recently moved in with us because his roomie and bff got married (see yesterday's post). Being that we have two extra bedrooms here and he's a pretty rad guy we thought we'd give it a whirl. Let's see how long he lasts with Blair's incessant Frozen marathon...

Roomie Sam 2nd from the left

And now...gift ideas!

The Dollar Shave Club      Duffel Bag     Tie Clip     Cordless Tools     Chemex     Sunglasses     Baggo     

The Dollar Shave Club: sends you premium razors each month and actually saves you money from the grocery store brands!
Duffel Bag: the ultimate traveling partner...super durable and doesn't complain ;)
Tie Clip: No more embarrassing stains on your tie from dipping it in your dinner plate
Cordless Tools: So Matt your hubby doesn't have a coronary pulling on the extension cords when they get stuck in the bushes
Chemex: A fancy filter for your morning coffee
Sunglasses: Prevent crows feet on your dude without buying him wrinkle cream
Baggo: Tailgating at its finest and backyard bbq's at it's finest
Trunk Club (not pictured): stylists send you the latest trends in men's fashion monthly. If you like it you buy it!


  1. One of my best friends works at Trunk Club! It's such a cool concept!!

  2. amazing gift ideas... surely help us to find the best gift for dad...

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  3. Loving all these ideas. Men are so hard to come up with things!


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