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Monday, June 23, 2014

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Are you hot yet? It is definitely summer time over here in southern California and the perfect weather to whip up a cold, healthy treat! Blair knows a good treat when she sees one so I was excited to make our own healthy popsicles to enjoy by the pool on these warm days (now if the pool re-model would just hurry up we would be set!).

We stopped by our local Fresh and Easy store located literally less than a mile a way. They have tons of convenient locations in CA, NV, and AZ. We could have walked, but I had already ran that morning and it was too hot to walk home with cold groceries. 
the perfect bananas!

sweet juicy strawberries

so nice to have help unloading my cart

strawberry yogurt for a healthy smoothie!

I love going to Fresh and Easy with Blair because they have a great selection of organic items for less money. Plus she adores getting stickers in the checkout line. While we decided to make a quick and nutritious summer treat, they also offer hundreds of meal solutions for dinner that make it so even the can’t cook, won’t cook, too busy to cook, but really want people to think you can cook, can cook! :) And if anyone knows me they know I can't cook worth a darn. Good thing we have M around!

Take a look at what we found at our local Fresh and Easy store.

Making fresh smoothies was easy... I added strawberries, banana, and yogurt until it tasted just right to me. No measuring cups needed! I borrowed my friend's Zoku Popsicle maker and the pops were done in ten minutes!  Then we enjoyed our pops on the front steps of our walkway. A total summer night!

Blair liked the popsicles so much that she gave me kisses and hugs afterwards! If that's the case I'm feeding her popsicles morning, noon, and night! :) Go check out the closest Fresh and Easy near you if you live in CA, NV, or AZ!

*This post was sponsored by Fresh and Easy but all the opinions are my own.

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  1. My son would love that popsicle too! I love that last picture! Your daughter is adorable! Isn't F&E the best!!


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