Splurge or Save?

Friday, May 2, 2014

With my recent birthday month (yes, I said month!) coming to an end it is time for me to get back on track with my budget! And while I love a good deal as much as the next girl sometimes those "deals" get the best of me. Does this happen to you too? Here are some of my biggest offenders...

{Baby Gap}

Since I have a Gap credit card I get a bajillion emails with 40% off coupons. Unless there is something Blair needs I just delete them right away. Otherwise I get sucked into their website and before you know if I've loaded my cart up with $100 (at least!) of clothes. No bueno. However, if there is something she does need I always wait for the 40% off sale. Annnnnd since I have a credit card I get "gap cash" back so I use that for necessities or gifts! So, it's not all bad. ;) 


Target is the land of impulse buys for me. With their products being relatively "cheap" I seem to load up my cart pretty quickly. If I don't have something in particular that I am shopping for then I try to avoid their women's clothing department and toddler clothes. Otherwise without fail I'll toss some items in my cart. However, Target is a great place for last minute gifts...especially now that they have Essie and OPI nail polishes. Plus, who doesn't love a cute pair of strappy summer sandals?! 


I swear I live at these stores. Between baby showers and the holidays I love a good DIY. One way I "save" here is by always remembering my weekly coupon. They make it super easy and even have apps on your phone you can scan in case you forget your coupon half the time (like me).

{The Rack}

This store makes me a frantic hot mess and we just got one right down the street from me. I always feel this urgency to buy things there for fear someone else will get it. I mean it's SUCH a good deal! ;) Well, that's what I tell myself when I see price tags like this $300 now only $148. I feel like I'm saving but M will be like, " how much was it?" and I'll say "50% off!" and he's like, "of what?". He doesn't care that it was on sale...he cares how much it was. One of the things that I say that he hates the most was, "I got it on sale."

{Zulily/Brickyard Buffalo}

This is another one of those stores that sends me into a panic, "must get it now or else it will be gone forever!". I actually purchased so many ugly stupid outfits for Blair on here that I deleted the app. And just recently I purchased some shoes for B on BB and they were too small and too much of a pain to return so I sold them for less to a friend. Fail. I'm over flash sale sights.

What are your impulse buys? How do you "save" instead of "splurge?" Go check out my friends over at Raise.com and see the insights they give you to save vs. splurge! And because no post is complete without Blair...

This girl was straight up hilarious yesterday. She insisted that Lala put stickers on her face and also wanted to wear her princess dress "with gwovs (gloves)" so she could be like princess Elsa in Frozen. She kills me. And I love her.


  1. Preach girl!! I do all the same. Avoid most sites and deleted a lot of trash emails with SALE SALE SALE taunting me. My husband is in awe if the fact we gave a banana bill every month, those 40% codes get me every time... Except for when selection sucks.

  2. Baby Gap and Target for sure!! When we started a new budget at the beginning of the year I completely ruled out ever even stepping foot inside Target. I don't even let myself go. I've done surprisingly good with it!!

    And yeah, as soon as a sale email comes to my inbox it gets blown away. No online shopping for me. I only look when I actually need something for Abigail- which, being honest, is not often.

  3. Love all of these stores - JoAnns & Hobby Lobby make my head spin, I'm almost positive I need everything! ;) And Brickyard Buffalo is a fave for sure!!!

    PS- So glad you had a great birthday, you looked fabulous!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  4. Ever since I knew it was a girl, Baby Gap has taken over my life!! It's like crack and they continually pump out cute new stuff!

  5. oh my gee - yes! You've nailed all my biggest offenders too, PLUS TJMaxx/HomeGoods and Jane.Com. But Baby Gap and their darn emails! I placed 3 orders within 1 week!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  6. Tell me about it. Luckily usually delete all those emails. But forget the Joann's ones all the time!!!



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