Memorial Day Weekend Re-cap

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! And a BIG thank you to those who serve our country. I'm being patriotic with my red and white striped body :/ My winter white body made its first summer appearance this weekend and is still recovering. Ouch. I even put on 70 spf! Despite my discomfort we had an awesome weekend at the beach. B was obsessed with swimming at the pool (literally like 3 hours a day!) and slept like a champion. It was a true vacation for us both!

go pro action shot

our little mermaid
B got to spend lots of time with family :)

we met a good friend's baby (her nursery will be up this week!)

did more swimming...

and even wore her goggles!
blairs flamingo suit: carter's
blair's striped/polka dotted suit: baby gap
my suit: target
PS I announced the winners of the coffee giveaway HERE...was it YOU?!?


  1. I'm so impressed w her swimming! We start lessons again in a few weeks. Do you keep your pool open year round, I would think so in southern ca, but never really though much about that.

    1. public pools are open here year round but they don't have swim lessons year round...just in summer. I used to teach toddlers through adults how to swim so I have a few tricks up my sleeves. also the added confidence on my end from teaching swimming for a few summers helps!

  2. Great pictures!

  3. Those underwater shots are so cool! She looks so relaxed under water!

  4. Love those little goggles....what a fish!

  5. Oh I so want to get Ellie in some swim lessons but Thomas has been against it because he thinks she is too little. But now that she is a year old I think we can start looking into it! So fun and of course B looks adorable.

  6. Those underwater shots are amazing! My daughter is a little younger than yours, but she would never swim underwater like that! Very cool :-)


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