Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ahhhh Mother's Day. It's almost like a 2nd birthday except you have to share the day with your Mom and Gramma. ;) I've gotta be honest when I show you my Mother's Day gift ideas's really just an extended birthday wish list. Is that bad? Oh and if I could bottle up Blair's kisses then I would add that to my collage as well. Especially when unprompted they are the best gift ever!

Swim Suit     Personalized Note Pad     Bracelet     Candle     Nail Polish     Yoga Pants

I would love to wear that swim suit while in Oahu in June! Oh, and I got that darling notepad in the mail courtesy of Tiny Prints (thanks!). Donuts need no explanation...I love them. I'm slow on the Alex and Ani bracelet trend but am now realizing I need one. ;) Amazing Grace is my absolute favorite scent and I would love to fill up my home with its scrumptious smell. I'm a nail polish addict so I would love to have the "latest" colors. Flowers are a given (although I'd rather have food). Annnnd those purple workout pants... pretty sure I would run faster while wearing them. ;) Boom. I made life super easy for you, Hubby!


  1. You are right... donuts need no explanation!

  2. So many good ideas here! Love those yoga pants!

  3. Great ideas! This will be my first Mother's Day and I can barely wrap my head around that let alone come up with a wish list. Can another baby be on my list?

    1. ha...yes! you and me both girl friend! "all i want for christmas is a new baby" ;)

  4. Liked the yoga pants as well :) Thanks for the list.


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