Merry Mantel

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ho Ho Ho! Merrrrrrry Mantel? Yup. I totally missed the "merry mantel" link up last week but I decided better late than never! This year I seriously tossed a few things up on my mantel and said "Oh, I'll rearrange it later." Well later happened and it still looks the same. Mostly because I like how it looks. I usually throw some garland up on our mantel like here and here but this year I went in a different direction...

i got this stocking holder at Target last year after Christmas. always thinking ahead!

i got this print for free last year off of a blog. now if i could only remember which one...

candles from hallmark after Christmas sale last year. vase was also an after Christmas sale item at Target last year.  i'm beginning to see a theme here...

our PB stocking holders. do you like how i still have our wedding pics in them? tree was from Michaels.

wreath from Target years ago

 Oh, and we caught up on our advent finally...

Day 9: put up nativity
bracelets and all she is actually kissing baby Jesus although he looks like he's about to be her next snack

kissing baby Jesus again

again with the bracelets
 Day 10: drink hot chocolate
well in blair's case she drank chocolate milk and had marshmallows on the side

hot or cold she liked it

Mama liked the little break as well.


  1. Great mantel for just throwing it up. You have a great eye!

  2. Oh I love the mantel! The picture stocking holders are adorable and I want to cozy up with that cable knit pillow!

  3. I love your mantel, your daughter is adorable! I have that smae red wreath. It is hanging on my banister int he entry.

  4. I love your mantel! It's beautiful. I love everything that you're doing with Blaire this season. I've been reading your blog for years now because I started before you got pregnant, and it's so fun to see how your family has grown.

    1. Thanks Aileen! Life has changed for the better with B :)


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