Advent Calendar

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I have been scouring Pinterest high and low for the perfect advent calendar. While there are about a bajillion I could buy (hello Land of Nod cuteness!) I decided to craft one of my own. M came up with the idea of using our current Christmas card holder since it doesn't hold enough of our cards anyway. I think Santa would approve of all the festiveness going on below...

The last five days are a different pattern only because stupid Michaels was all out of the other envelopes. What do you think...should I change it to make it all match once they come back in stock? I decided against the advent calendars that require little gifts. Ain't nobody got time to find 25 little doodads! Instead I opted for activities. Because everyone has time to make a gingerbread house on a Tuesday night.... doh! Sigh.

I also wanted to incorporate scripture into the calendar. I mean Jesus is the reason for the season am I wrong? So far B squirms and fusses every night when we read her the verse from her Bible but I'm determined to make this tradition! Of course she's excellent at saying "ho ho ho" when she sees Santa's picture. Heathen! ;) Once we start getting Christmas cards in the mail I will display them below the calendar.

Day 1: Put up Christmas lights

Day 2: Put up mini tree

not as impressed as i wanted her to be for this picture...

Day 3: bless someone unexpectedly

we surprised my brother and his wife with a decorated home when they moved here!

front door mat

festive wreath (thanks target)

mini rosemary plants that we decorated like trees
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings on the advent calendar! ;)

PS Today B is 21 months! What?!?!


  1. This is such a great idea! I love it!

  2. Love it! I like the mix of reading scripture and doing a fun family activity. Aren't kids great... Never do what we want for those photos lol!

  3. Love the advent calendar and actually think the other envelope color looks like a little tree trunk and trimming at the bottom. And love the idea of activities and scripture as well. So clever!

  4. Love this! I have the same card holder and it fills up too fast, so this is the perfect idea for it! Thanks, I might just have to get working on it now...better late then never;)!!!!


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