Festival of Lights

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Despite the 10 mile run we completed yesterday (ridiculous, I know) we had a relaxing day hanging around home. We decided to go to an early dinner at Bucket List Burgers (a new place in town) and then hit up the Festival of Lights downtown (along with ten million other people). Blair is obsessed with Christmas lights so we thought this would be a win for her. Turns out the horse drawn carriages were much more exciting and I'm 100% sure she signed "please" whenever she saw one. If a pony doesn't end up under our tree on Christmas morning I'm coming after you Santa...

daddy and the dirty blankie (real life)

we ran into Papa and Lala which was truly a miracle since it was beyond crowded

posing by her favorite attraction...the horse

staring at a horse I'm sure

and another horse...

finally, she noticed the lights!

blurriest selfie ever!

We finished the night off by going through a Starbucks drive through which worked out perfectly since "buying a stranger coffee" was uncompleted on our Advent calendar. We then patrolled our 'hood for lit up houses. The one above was the winner. And while we love hanging out with friends and family it was kinda sweet just the three of us. I know I will treasure these memories forever. :)

OH and you won't wanna miss our 2013 Christmas music video...HERE!

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  1. Haha that video is priceless! The guy after your husband was hilarious too! I love that your family is silly enough to do stuff like this. Mine would look at me like I was crazy if I ever suggested such a thing :(


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