Weekend Fun

Monday, July 22, 2013

We enjoyed another weekend at home, for the most part, and were quite productive! We went to a couple of birthday parties and ate a lot of tasty food which is always a win in my book. M did finish the teepee and it looks AMAZING! I'll He'll be giving a DIY tutorial tomorrow :). Checking things off my summer bucket list one at a time!

she was all about the pool at the birthday bbq we attended!

new running shoes for me!

this is what happens when you wake up too early... you're asleep by 9 am!

testing out her new neck pillow for long car rides = hilarious!

lucky girl got a balloon and it wasn't even her birthday! (blouse: gap outlet, cargo skinnies: Joes, shoes: saltwater sandals)
teepee sneak peek!


  1. She looks like such a big kid in the sleeping pic! Can't wait to see Matt's tutorial, I'll be sure to link it up so my readers can see it is possible to make yourself!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love your new shoes :)


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