Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The majority of my evening last night was spent rocking/holding/soothing my baby who has swimmer's ear. And while sometimes this frustrates me (I have an endless to-do list!) I chose to find the joy in it. I won't always be able to enjoy her little hands stroking my face, her tiny lips kissing mine, or her small hands touching my hair. After listening to an inspiring sermon yesterday I'm striving to make a conscious effort to choose joy over complaining. I may as well tattoo it on my forehead since I know I will need constant reminders to do so. But for now it's written on a post-it in my kitchen (because let's be real that's where I spend most of my time...).

Speaking of are the rest of our pictures from our joyous 4th of July celebration!

it's hard to tell but the rice crispy treats are cut into star shapes! thanks carissa!

babies in sun hats?! yes please!

we discovered this was perfect for rinsing sandy babies

gals in stripes


somebody enjoyed her chocolate ice cream!

bathing beauties!

Dad, you can pay me for this free advertising later ;)

sumo baby

looking for her raisins...

found it!

she would insist on eating them off my belly! oh, and enjoy putting them IN my belly button!
fam bam! c'mon dad where's your red white and blue?!


  1. Looks like a blast! And Ashlynn is obsessed with our belly buttons, especially since mine is growing (belly, not button!) I swear she spends half her day trying to find them.

  2. OK Hot mom!!! We need an updated post about your post baby hotness! I'm 15 weeks and this would realllllllly help me feel better about life after pregnancy! lol

  3. OH love the rice krispies on the kabobs! And B is so cute in her suit...little bathing beauty!!


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