Snuggle Sesh

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

B and I are taking a mini vacation in Carlsbad where my friend Brooke lives for the next two days. We left Daddy at home to take care of business (aka work) and are exciting to enjoy some outlet shopping, beach, and quality friend time! Here are some photos of a snuggle sesh we had at home before we left (read: I have nothing to blog about!).

Also lately B has been waking up in the middle of the night crying. She refuses to go back down till someone soothes her. I'm beginning to wonder if Toy Story is giving her nightmares?! Hey, Sid can be pretty intimidating! However, she has dropped her afternoon nap which has caused her to sleep in till 7:30...hallelujah!!! 

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  1. We dealt with the same night wakings at about 13 months, I thought maybe it was teeth and went on for almost two wks before she went back to her old routine. I had read it could be milestone related but she had been walking for over a month. I know B has walking now for prob the same time so maybe it is related to that??? ... No clue just thought I'd throw that out there/share! Have a fun trip!


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