Memorial Day Style

Friday, May 24, 2013

A big thank you to everyone's recommendations for Blair's beach bum rash. The rash cleared up, thank goodness, just in time for us to leave for the beach again today...

Also I got quite a few people asking where to purchase B's rad leggings from Cotton On Kids. So I scoured their website and could only find one of the pair's I purchased here. Unfortunately their store has a much better selection. :( I never knew they had a Cotton On for Kids but our mall has a store dedicated just to the little ones. Guess I'm just lucky! (PS if you have a teen daughter check out these leggings!)

I completely flaked on getting this post out sooner but here are some pretty adorable things for your kiddos to wear this weekend! Maybe you have a baby Gap nearby and can pick an outift (or two!) up?!

all items via baby gap
all items via baby gap
not so sure about the Nordstrom elevator (shirt:gap, pants: cotton on, shoes: freshly picked, clip:katiebugdaisy etsy ) Mama may have had to go back to get that maxi dress... however I did use blog earnings to purchase it!
pretend sleeping
she sleeps with one eye open
Lately B has been playing jokes on us and pretending to lay down with her sleep sack and go "night night." It's pretty cute. :) She also will pretend to offer us one of her toys and then quickly take it back. M calls this game "just kidding." I call it Indian giving. ;)


  1. Love B's pretend sleeping! And the fun outfits you put together for this weekend!

  2. how funny! Carter was not a fan of the nordstrom elevator either! That dress is so cute. I saw a similar one that one that I almost got...but resisted!


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