Beach Essentials

Thursday, May 30, 2013

With all of the traveling we have been doing to the beach lately I decided to whip up a collage of all my beach necessities for baby!

1. beaba snack container
love that you can take snacks to the beach without getting the whole bag sandy. this container is especially rad because you can shake the snacks out of the spout on top. then when that canister is empty you move it to the bottom and put the spout on the next container of snacks. genius.

2. California baby sunscreen
i like that this is a "natural" sunscreen and it really gets the job done. B has yet to be sunburned and we always use this stuff.

3. babiators
i'm so bummed because i can't find the pair we purchased her last year but have no fear because i registered them at their website and they claim to send out a free pair if you lose yours...yes!

4. beach cart
don't have this yet. definitely need it though. i think the hubby is about done lugging all our crap essentials across the hot sand...

5. floppy straw hat
the perfect hat because it shades her face, shoulders, chest, and back. winning! the only bummer is that we got ours wet and it lost its shape. not to worry though. i bought some jewelry wire and plan on sliding it through the edges to give it some shape so it doesn't flop in her eyes. poor girl has like no peripheral vision in this thing currently.

6. toys- i couldn't find the ones we purchased at target online but they have been the best! we also tote a large bucket down and fill it with water. she gets the ocean personally delivered to her in it and digs it!

7. a cute suit
there are no shortage of these around! all of B's suits are already sold out at baby gap but this one is darling!

OH! And if you can find this awesome chair at Walmart it was a total hit!


  1. Which beach tent is that? Did I skip over the description? We are looking for one and I can't decide which to get! Also love that you posted Cali baby sunscreen, I keep seeing a lot of other "green" ones posted but they are actually pretty bad on the EWG ratings :(.

    1. Oh and duh! We have the same beaba container but I never use the spout since I just figured that was for ppl who store formula in it! So smart, especially for the beach!

    2. Uh oops! Guess I forgot to post about the umbrella we bought! It's a beach brella and you can get them on amazon. Super easy to set up and take down. We used to have a tent but that took too much time. Also, what is the EWG scale? We try to be green and organic but sometimes aren't. :)

    3. Ohh, an umbrella does seem easier than a tent (sorry for the typos, I read and commented from my phone, its such a pain!) I use the cheat sheets on the website, but here is the ewg link I just hate how a lot companies slap "natural" on their branding, but it means nothing they still contain all sorts of bad stuff, I wish they had stricter laws.

  2. We have the babeators too! Love them!

  3. That lounge chair is adorable! We totally need one for E! And I like the idea of the beach cart!


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