Memorial Day Recap

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just another day in paradise! We had so much fun again in San Clemente last weekend for Memorial Day. M's family totally spoiled us with delicious meals and Blair-sitting. I even got to spend a day with my BFF, Kelly. Here was our weekend in a nutshell...

my packing partner
every morning we would read/play with B in bed since she decided 6am was a decent time to wake up. how else do you squelch the sounds of a one year old ready to start her day?!
I like to start out my day with a run on my favorite trail. However in this shot I was clearly just walking in my flops. :)
my favorite trail

surprise! gramma and grampa got me a new chair!
san clemente

sunning herself with mama

love her! suit: gap

chillin' with dada

proof i'm not a perfect mom (hard to believe!) :( she hit her face on the bed frame

how she snuck her foot in the pic last minute i'm not sure!

matching hats with gramma!

da life

a visit from auntie kelly and joel! jammies: gap

B's suit: gap

we even got to see cousin Lauren! b's top: gap

alone time with the hubs....whaaaa????
Each day was pretty much the same which was great! We would get up and try to make B stay quiet till the rest of the house was up. Then we would head out for a run. Come home and go to the beach till about 1 or 2. Take B up for her nap (and if we were lucky we would stay at the beach while gramma and grampa napped with B) then relax and play before dinner. It was truly a vacation. I went to bed between 9 and 10 every night (which was necessary with a 6 am wake up call. ugh. ) We squeezed in some paddle boarding, shopping, and family photos (to be posted friday!) to boot! And we're leaving Thursday to do it all over again. yipee!


  1. B has so much hair!!! And poor baby with her bruise, A fell face first into her blocks tub and got one on her chin, little clumsies

    1. Also your beach posts make me so homesick! I grew up at the beach and I miss the accessibility of getting there in the summer, I think we might have to suck it up and do the shore house thing and become they ppl I hated as a kid, shoobies! (Local term for tourists)

  2. Looks like so much fun! She's adorable!

  3. Looks so fun! I love all of your suits, especially B's confetti ruffle one!! ;) This post is making me miss the beach!

  4. what a fun weekend! I can't wait for some beach weather when we're there next...our beach weekend was too cold for bathing suits.

  5. Seriously looks like the perfect vacation!! You and your hubby are too cute in that last pic!


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