Home Sweet Home

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I've been putting off revealing our upstairs because it's unfinished. But then again what home is ever really finished? When I look at these photos I see everything that I still want to add to perfect each room. However it just takes time and money so I will be patient and wait for our home to come together in time. Plus part of the fun is always being on the prowl for cute things to add more character to each room. Below you will find more updated photos from our new one year old home.

guest room (till bambino # 3 arrives!)

guest room

guest room

guest bath

guest bath

guest bath
upstairs play room


play room

"jack's" room (jack and jill kids rooms) empty till babe # 2 comes

jack's room (Blair has Jill's room) ;)

jack's room

Jack and Jill shared bath (each with own sink)


master bedroom (and Bella's bed!)


i love waking up to these!

i have always liked white beds


master bath

would love to paint the cabinets

ask me how often i take baths...like twice in a year. once with B so that doesn't count.

M's side of the closet (with my polish)

jewelry and scarves

my side of the closet :/

in our old house i used to have to store off season clothes in my garage. no more!
So there you have it... our upstairs is slowly coming together. I'm thisclose to being 100% done with B's room (don't worry, she's only already one...) and I will be updating those pictures as soon as one more thing arrives in the mail to finish off the look. :) I hope you enjoyed peeking into our home!


  1. I saw Baby # 3 and thought that was a typo!! Ha! So great to have so much space to grow into! Love the layout too! And that closet...I die!

  2. I love your upstairs! Your guest bedroom looks so cozy and pretty. You've done such a great job with your house!

  3. How great to have a Jack and Jill set up! So ideal.

    I love your headboard! We just bought a nailhead headboard!

    Where is yours from?


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