DIY Weekend

Monday, April 15, 2013

We had another rad weekend going to birthday parties, the movies, and hanging out with friends. I also was able to get some DIY projects done and am feeling pretty pleased with myself. :) Not because I think my projects turned out amazing, but more so because I am proud that I actually finished something with a baby in tow (there is a reason my favorite hash tag is #naptimeiscrafttime ). Check out my little accomplishments below...

i changed her kitchen from sweet to chic

then i finished our gallery wall in the play room...
i decided i liked how it started low on the left and went high to the right

then i switched out the mirror for the clock because i'm obsessed with going to bed on time

and here is what the clock looked like before i crafted the heck out of it :) 

she decided to whip up some cookies. what can your one year old do? ;)


  1. Where is the pretend cookie set from?

  2. The kitchen is adorable!!! My kids STILL play with the kitchen at my moms house!!


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