B's (updated) nursery

Friday, April 26, 2013

It seems that I'm constantly tweaking B's nursery but I think I'm finally finished with it! Well, maybe that never truly happens but when I walk in there isn't anything that stares at me in the face begging to be changed. I used my new OlloClip iphone accessory that the hubby got me for my birthday to snap some pictures of her room. I wish he had taught me how to use it beforehand (oops). Better luck next time!

I fell in love with this bumper by serena and lily years before I was even pregnant :) her whole room is based off of this print!

handmade bunting

still love that rug! PB

gallery wall inspired by pinterest
sweet bear she cuddles with from her auntie and uncle (etsy)

next time i will learn not to use fish eye (oy!) clock: PB

blocks: etsy

bank: zulily

anthro knobs

i Love this scent! bird: PB

serena and lily

crown hooks: etsy

nightlight: PB

chandie: PB

M is going on a manly trip to mammoth this weekend to go fishing. Ironically it will be the first time he has ever been away from B (i've been away TWICE!). Praying that he has a safe and fun trip and that I maintain sanity! ;)


  1. I love your nursery! It's beautiful and I it's great that it's a work in progress. You have a CUTE little girl!

  2. Just found your blog! Gorgeous nursery! Your little Blair is too cute- love the name


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