Two Months

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I wanted to create a monthly photo of Blair as seen below from Pinterest:

I think this idea is adorable and started with this picture below:

eventually i'll have M photoshop in the words "I am 2 months old" I kinda failed on her one month photo...oops

I had to include this one for fun. :) love her little smirk!
Yesterday I went to my brother's league finals for swimming. It was great to get out of the house! He dominated in his events and his sister was proud. :) Today I am heading to a friends house to go for a walk and then have a picnic lunch. B is starting to appreciate her swing, binky, and car seat a little bit more now that she's getting older. Speaking of older...tomorrow she is officially two months old and we are taking her to her check up appointment with her pediatrician. I'm anxious to hear how she is progressing!


  1. Love her against the pink chevron background! Adorable!! She is too too cute!!

  2. Love the picture of her on her belly, excited to hear about her 2 month check up and see the milestones she's made!


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