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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy early Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! As you all know it's my first Mother's Day and I will be celebrating the day with M's family as well as my own. I remember when I was younger always wishing that I was a mom on Mother's Day so I could have another holiday where I get gifts. Christmas and my birthday weren't enough! :) Now that I'm a mother I realize why we give mom's's hard work and they deserve it! B gave me her gift yesterday...a big fat smile. :) It melts my heart that she is (finally!) starting to smile at me more. It makes the sleepless nights almost worth it. :) Yesterday I spent part of the day at our neighborhood shopping center getting some Mother's Day gifts and happen to pick up one for myself...

a great kohls purchase :)

I happened to spend quite a bit of time in that shopping center aimlessly walking around because B was sleeping in her stroller (not on me in her carrier!) and I had to take advantage of that. I cruised Walgreen and stopped in Carl's Jr. for a Coke Zero. I had to laugh at myself and how desperate I was to have some me time without the baby strapped to that is a happy Mother's Day! Is that bad that I just said that?!

During that quiet time I was able to think about my own mom and how blessed I am to have her. I really couldn't understand how great her love for me is until I had my own daughter. I love Blair so much but motherhood does not come without sacrifice. My mom sacrificed her time, energy, freedom, career, social life, sanity, and so much more for her kids. She has taught me what matters in life...loving Jesus and being obedient to Him. Through watching her live her life I know she's not perfect (sorry, Mom) but I know that she has intentions to glorify Christ and makes choices in life that help others see Christ's love. I want to be that kind of mom. The one who has grace for her kids when they make mistakes but not so much that they veer from the straight and narrow path. The one who loves her kids just as Jesus loves us. The one who sacrifices for her kids but not so much that they don't learn to be independent. The one who loves her husband and treats him with respect so her kids understand what a healthy (not perfect) marriage looks like, and settle for nothing less than that when the time comes. The one who doesn't worry but trusts in the Lord. That kind of mom. Thankfully I have a mom who has done a pretty darn good job and blazing this path for me. And what a blessing she is!
at the baby shower she threw for me :)

snuggling with B

mother daughter bike ride through dana point

A few things my mom has done lately that make me appreciate her even more...
-sacrificing the orderliness of her own home so that mine can look decent (mopping my floors, not hers)
-running errands with me for my sanity, even though it takes up her entire day!
-encouraging me with daily devotionals
- telling me I'm a good mommy
- spoiling me with pedicures
- listening to me re-hash my nights with B every morning
- letting me hang out at her house all day and then feeding me and M!
I could go on and on...she's a pretty selfless person! Thanks, Mom, for all you do. I could NOT do this motherhood thing without you. I love you and Happy Mother's Day!

world's best mom!

PS Mom, Blair stayed asleep in her car seat while I wrote this whole post! It's a Mother's Day miracle! :)


  1. Natalie! This is so sweet! You inspired me to post one about my mom and the tremendous help she has been these past few weeks I have been on bed rest! Thank you for the post!
    Happy First Mother's Day!

  2. That was so sweet, Natalie! You have a great mom, and you're so thankful and quick to give her credit for the wonderful woman you are. : )

  3. sweetest mothers day post i have ever read. maybe its the hormones, but it definitely made me cry. thanks natalie!


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