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Monday, May 7, 2012

I hope you had a great weekend...apparently mine started on Friday when my lazy bum didn't make time to post. Ooops! Last week I had so much fun getting out. On Friday I spent the whole day with my mom and Blair. We enjoyed going to lunch and running errands together. One place we stopped was Target. I found some great things for spring and although I know I don't need any more clothes I did get some things that can afford to be spit up on or pooped on. Below are some of my finds that I brought home...

my first tankini in case my working out doesn't add up...

a new running top...wore it already...love it!

my mom also bought this in a different color!

love the lacey crochet

super flattering and flowy

got a couple different colors of these...great for spit up! :/
On Friday Blair did have her two month check up. I was disappointed because her pediatrician whom everyone raves about was out sick. :( The doctor we saw said that B was caught up with her peers even though she was a preemie. I thought her percentiles would be a lot higher (everything was under the 40th percentile) but the doctor assured me she was perfect. The doctor also said B had a lot of hair for a "white" baby. This made me laugh.

Baby Wise update: we're still working on it. Some days/nights are better than others. Lately she is deciding that her early morning feeding (like 4-5 am) is time to get up. Clearly I am not ok with this. Suggestions? I've been averaging 6 hours of sleep a night. Oh, and that is not consecutive hours. We're talking 1.5 hours then nurse, then 2 hours, then nurse, etc. Sigh. Sleep will never be the same.

Yesterday marked 9 weeks for Blair, although her adjusted age is only 4 weeks! The day night she sleeps through the night will be a-maz-ing. Wait for it...

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