Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I forgot about this gem of a blouse till I started getting desperate for clothes to wear over my bump. The obviously funny thing about this top is that it's supposed to cinch around my waist and loosely flow over the elastic, not stretch out across my mid belly. But here I am wearing it anyway! I like that it covers my bum and that I can wear it with leggings. I'm getting pretty tired of wearing maternity jeans everyday!

this pictures reminds me to stop trying with the "skinny arm" pose. who am i kidding at this point? there is nothing skinny about me...

love that this outfit hides the "cankles"

Last night we M and a friend took out all the old non-working appliances in our new kitchen to get ready to install the new ones this weekend! I'm going to have a real dishwasher! That doesn't wheel across my kitchen to the sink! I will also have an oven that doesn't burn my cupcakes (no excuses now). I also loaded up some of my clothes and started arranging my closet. I MUST show you what I was dealing with at our current house so you can see how fully I appreciate the new closet situation. Let's just say my old closet required a headlamp (that I wear backpacking) and a special dance/shimmy to get to the clothes in the back...


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