Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If you are 8 months prego like I am, you know having "nothing to wear" takes on a whole new meaning. I've said lately that I'm struggling to fit into my non-prego tops now. I counted and I think I have about five that work. OK well maybe more than five but it's really limited! I think that through the rest of my pregnancy I'm going to be banned to wearing jeans, a maternity tank top (i have 3) and a different sweater every day to work. Thank God for sweaters that stay open in the front! Too bad all the maxi dresses I wore in Hawaii aren't more weather/work appropriate... Bare with me these last 8 weeks of pregnancy on Work it Wednesday...

at least shoes are still fitting! 
top: Bellatrix
blazer: Miss Me
jeans: Page maternity
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Loving the green lace top! You look wonderful...I really think pregnancy has suited you extremely well! :)

  2. You look great in everything! I especially love the shoes.


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