Maternity Mondays: Week 31

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nine more weeks till I'm due but technically only 6 more weeks till baby is fully cooked! I'm so anxious to meet her and hoping that she comes early. I'm not as uncomfortable as some mommies seem at this stage in the game but I am more uncomfortable than I was. Back pain has entered into my daily schedule and that's no fun. It really doesn't matter how I sit, stand, or lie's always there. :(

Another thing I've been meaning to tell you about is hiccups! She has them a couple times a week and it makes me laugh. She jolts in an unmistakeable rhythm and I've heard hiccups are common now. Along with hiccups has come something that is not so cute...contractions! I've been noticing that I have two different kinds. One kind makes my whole belly feel like it's made out of cement and is not painful. The other kind however are like cramps in my lower abdomen and do NOT feel good at all! I'm thinking this is the tip of the iceberg to as what labor will feel like... Oh shoot. Everything I read says it is normal but I'll be asking my doctor about this on Tuesday at my next appointment. 

that gnarly little line is getting darker. ew. my button is still hanging on for dear life...

i guess after seeing this i know why people are thinking im due yesterday...

-people wondering what day this month I am due. Um I'm not due till April...
-me getting up. out of bed, out of chairs, off the floor...everything
-the closer to my due date the less modest my hemlines have become on my dresses. i refuse to buy anything maternity...i'm too close to my due date! must. push. through!
-the fact that i'm wearing the same jeans. every. day.

-seeing Blair in 3D again! she is so precious with her little lips! it is so weird seeing a full on baby in there!
-the 3D tech telling me i have a perfect belly...and saying she's seen a lot and not all of them are pretty...
-two baby showers (for me!) this weekend...can not wait!

umbilical cord still in the way across her face but you get the idea

those pursed lips!


twos hands playing with two feet!

her eyes opened!!! kinda weird but so sweet to me because she's mine :)

sticking her tongue out!!! I love this one. :)
Sometimes I sneak out my pictures while I'm at work or at home and take a look. I just love this little girl. I hope time goes slowly when she gets here...I want to enjoy her itty self for a long time!

**house update: i'm still playing it safe by not showing photos (i learned my lesson) or getting too excited but we have 3 weeks left in escrow and so far so good... lots of emotions for us right now. we LOVE our neighbors and moving while 8/9 months prego would make anyone a little nervous. but i am also really excited to have some much needed space! and a dishwasher, and a working garage, and more than two bedrooms...need i go on? keep praying!


  1. Wow, those pictures are just incredible! So sweet! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed on your house! So exciting!!

  2. wow i am really late in the game you look great girl!! congrats on having a baby girl that is so exciting!!


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