Runner's High

Friday, February 10, 2012

Have you ever done a mini triathlon? I participated in one with my Bible study a couple of years ago at Disneyland. It was a very fun event and after baby come I want to start training for a half marathon. I love running and the farthest I have gone in one time was 10 miles. If I can do that then I can run 13 right? Ultimately I would LOVE to do a full one but I really think my knees would break. Maybe it's just an excuse...the hubs really wants to do one so maybe we will together? I DID just get my awesome BOB jogging stroller in the mail this week... Have you done a half or full marathon? Suggestions? Here are some pics from the mini tri I did...

So who's doing it with me? :) I am super excited for this weekend because I am having not one but two baby showers! Yippee! Last night I did some more baby laundry and I still think it's fun. :) I also packed Blair's hospital bag and M cleaned some of the books I brought home from my classroom. Who's a type A planner? ME!

PS I have 99 followers! I need to think of something special for when I hit the big 100! Today is the 100th day of school in my first grade classroom. We are having a party and wouldn't it be extra fun if I got 100 followers today! Call your friends...I need ONE more!


  1. Count me in!! Running with the BOB is amazing!

  2. that's awesome! i have always wanted to run a half marathon and a full too! keep training!

  3. The color run is in irvine in April! Kids are welcome! It may be a great 5k warmup to your half! <3

  4. Now you have 101 followers!! :) CONGRATS! I could never do a marathon...I have no talent for running. But I admire those who can! Have fun at your showers this weekend! :)

  5. Congrats! I did my first sprint Triathlon in Sept. of 2011 and loved it. There is something about the crosstraining that is so good for your body. Good luck training for your 1/2. They are fun too:)


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