Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Friday, February 17, 2012

In my biased opinion I would have to say Blair is the fairest of them all. :) Last weekend at my baby shower my aunt gave me a mirror that her mom (my grama) had given her when she was young. The tag on the back was dated 1977 which counts as vintage to me! I love the femininity of the mirror with the thin bow on the top but the color was not going to work in B's room. I gave M the task of painting it white. Here are the results of our mini DIY below:

before: a brassy gold finish
after: a clean white finish
I can't wait to put this up in B's room. I'm thinking she is destined to be a girly-girl which is just fine by me! Have a great weekend. I know I will because I have Friday and Monday off! Add that to reasons why I teach... :)


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