These Shoes Rule

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blair will have some pretty stylish piggies when it comes to shoes! She got a few darling pairs at the shower and here were some of the all stars...

there's no place like home. :) i have these in silver so we can match! jk i'm totally against matching mommy and me clothes...

i don't even own a pair of these!?! my daughter is already trumping me in style...

these are great learning to walk shoes made with stretchy leather so she can grip the floor with her piggies.
PS it just so happens that we are in escrow currently ( a HUGE answer to prayer!) but I'm not even going to show you the house till we have the keys...lesson learned! But yes, I am in love with this place. Even though you have all heard that before... ;)


  1. OMG those Toms and Stuarts are ADORABLE!!! Love them! I posted on a pair of little shoes today too! :)

    And congrats on being on escrow!! Are you planning on moving before Blair arrives?? :)

  2. Check out weesqueak shoes too, they are adorable! I wish they had them when my kids were little!


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