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Friday, November 18, 2011

Today I have parent teacher conferences from 8-3 solid. No bathroom breaks. No lunch. Which really means some parents are going to have to wait while I go to the restroom and some are going to have to excuse me talking with my mouth full. Hopefully they will all be understanding with my prego self! Next week I am off the whole week, hallelujah! I decided to complete one of my own assignments that I gave in class to my students... what are five things you are thankful for? Although mine will be posted on a blog and not written on turkey feathers. :) 

1. husband
 Matt has been beyond helpful throughout my whole pregnancy. He dotes on my every need even when I whine. Here are some reasons why I love him... 
-he reads a daily devotional to me and Blair every night
-he gets off the couch when I yell at him in the shower to get me a towel
-he does dishes, takes out trash, feeds the pets etc.
-he massages/tickles my back upon request (unless he's asleep)
-he deals with baby stuff arriving almost daily and hasn't yelled at me (yet) for spending on Blair

seriously handsome

2. healthy baby blair
I LOVE this baby! And I can't wait to meet her. When I think about holding her for the first time I get so emotional. My entire perspective on life has changed and I am so excited to be a mommy.

Blair at about 3 months

3. our home
While it is small and not where I want to live for the next year or so, it is home. It has been good to us and I am thankful to have a roof over my head. I am working on being content with what I have here since it is so much more than what some people have.

our home during our first Christmas

4. job
Man will it be glorious to be done teaching! but, bittersweet because I have loved my job and quite honestly I think I'm good at it. (or that's what my principals say anyway!) Although I am itching to be done I am so blessed to have had a job as a teacher for the last five years, especially with California's economy. It's been no picnic being laid off every year but I have learned to trust God and not worry about it. He provides every time!
pajama day my first year of teaching

5. friends and family
Cliche, yes. but seriously I have the best family! I can't wait to see my mom in action as Gramma. :) I am so looking forward to walking with her and Blair in the mornings. I know she will be so helpful and I am thankful for that. While most of my girlfriends live far away I am still blessed by them often. It's always great to catch up right where we left off. 
2011 Christmas card photo

I hope you enjoyed all of my mushiness but 'tis the season to be mushy! It's Thanksgiving for goodness sake! Have a great weekend! I will be at the beach. And most definitely not in a bikini during my winter whiteness.

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  1. Love your thankful list! You're very lucky to have a great husband and family...and roof over your head! :) Jealous you have the WHOLE week off next week!!!


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