A Flair for Blair

Friday, November 11, 2011

After much deliberation (which means me scouring over 100,000 baby names and Matt "yaying or naying" them before falling asleep at night) we came up with a name! Lucky for us baby B is a girl because we were really struggling with boy names! So, without further delay...


is going to be our baby girl's name! I love the way Blair sounds with Bushman and B.B. are cute initials. Ironically her full initials spell BOB which is Matt's dad's name. :) There were many names that I loved but some of them were overused and/or ruined for me since I have taught so many children. I have never taught a "Blair" so she gets a fresh start!

As I mentioned in Monday's post I have been feeling Blair move a lot but there was a lull in the middle of the week that made me nervous. My friend Carrie suggested that I borrow her Doppler so we could check in on little Blair every now and then and voila! There she was beating away last night. It was so relieving to hear her little heart. I could just listen to it all night! 

Another goofy mom thing I did last night was attach her "baby plus" to my waist. It's basically a sound machine that looks like a fanny pack and plays different beats. The beats resemble a low drum or heart beat. She loved it! I could feel her bumping around inside which was super fun! Some research somewhere says it's good for her to hear patterns and rhythms. Apparently it makes her smarter...we shall see! 
I don't have any pictures to go along with Blair's name but here are some cute things that came in the mail this week...

denim with tulle! thanks gramma!

mini embroidered pumpkins for next fall. thanks andie!

i wish i could borrow this from her...so cute!

move over bella...

apple of my eye. thanks gramma!

joe's skinny cords in mauve. perfect with that leopard top!

skinny joe's jeans for blair! 

Hope you have a great weekend! I know I will since it started today. :) Yay for working for the government!


  1. Love the name Blair, very pretty :)

  2. What a beautiful name! I love it!!!

  3. Baby Blair- how sweet!! Natalie- I am so excited for you!

  4. OH how exciting...love baby Bushman's name and loved getting the updates on how you're doing this week! :)


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