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Friday, November 25, 2011

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Mine is not over yet. Today we are traveling up to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving # 2 with Matt's side of the family. Can you believe I'm not hitting up black Friday? Me either. Sigh. Such a bittersweet feeling. While I am not dealing with the crowds I'm also not scoring any amazing deals. There's always cyber Monday, right? ;) 

Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving at the beach. We started it off with a walk on the beach trails with the dogs and then cooked all day. I harassed Matt all day making sure he was getting footage on our Flip because I want him to make a Thanksgiving mini-movie. :) I'll share that sometime next week. Here are a few shots of our day...

Probably wearing this non-maternity shirt for the last time...

it wouldn't be complete without the doggies!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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  1. Gorgeous photos!! Have fun in SB today...if it makes you feel any better...I have to WORK today! Blah! Have a great weekend!


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