Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There are all sorts of wonderful things going on here. First my hair...awesome in a pony tail with some amazing roots. Second, the lack of jewelry (I lost my gold watch and cannot recover), and third my laziness in make- up application. All in all this is not my most stellar moment but I still decided to go with it because this is one of my favorite blouses and I'm pregnant, so I'm allowed to be a little lazy, right?! Matt may or may not have asked me if I usually do something more when I go to work (aka my hair and make-up). :) However he does play my blogging games and takes all my pictures so I forgave him!

blouse: ATL
jeans: AG maternity
shoes: ATL


  1. I definitely had one of those days yesterday, but you actually look great for not wearing much makeup! I adore those red flats of yours, and the blouse compliments it so well :). This is actually my first time here, your blog is very nicely put together!

  2. I adore this blouse...great for being preggo or not! I think I need it in my wardrobe stat! Also love the pop of color on your toes!


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