Avila Valley Barn

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last weekend while we were in SLO we stopped by Avila Valley Barn. It is one of my favorite places to go. They have amazing homemade breads, pies, etc. They also have a great fresh produce section along with cute nicknacks (think cupcake inspired dishes). Last Sunday while we were there we picked out a 43 pound pumpkin and some snacks. The place was packed full of families going on hayrides, eating fresh honey sticks, and picking out the perfect pumpkin. My heart went pitter patter when I saw all the darling kiddos running around...soon to be me!
 totally obsessed with white pumpkins...a classy halloween alternative! 


 pumpkin bread and caramel apples...yummy!

this will be me soon. totally sporting the maternity top AND jeans here! uh oh!

If you are ever in SLO you have got to go here! PS have you bought your pumpkins yet?


  1. I love going to Avila Valley Barn! The last pumpkin we got weighed about 30 pounds. It was huge! Congratulations on your baby B!!

  2. I need to get back to SLO stat! It's been to long! The Avila Valley Barn is one of my faves! :)

  3. That looks like the cutest place!! My in-laws stay in Avila Beach sometimes...bet they have been there. So festive and perfect for fall...and you look darling!

  4. We love that place! Best veggies and desserts. Great nail polish, BTW. : )


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