Maternity Mondays: Week 17

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! What a bummer that it's on a Monday this year, huh? This weekend we carved pumpkins with the family and Matt made the cutest pumpkin ever! Baby girl is on the way!

I had a slight panic attack last Monday when one of the nurses said not to count my chickens before they hatch (meaning Baby girl could be a baby boy). I got all paranoid and scheduled a follow up gender check for Friday. Needless to say she is still a girl and the technician was 100% sure and told me "to buy all the crap I want." :) Matt advised against this. Here she is again! All hamburger and no hot dog. :)

how they tell from that is beyond me...

And I continue to truck along waiting for the next big thing. Baby Girl is the size of my palm this week (from head to bum) and weighs five ounces. She is very active in my tummy, from what I see on the sonogram, and I am just waiting to feel her kick! Sometimes I feel a swirling sensation but that could be a multitude of things (I'm sure you can figure that one out yourself). Patience is a virtue that I do not have!

Here are some facts about Baby Girl...
-she is getting more hair on her head, eyebrows, and lashes
-her heart pumps 25 quarts of blood a day
-she can hear sounds outside my body and some make her jump!
-she exhales amniotic fluid and fat is developing under her skin

Lots of fun things came in the mail this week. :) One being paint swatches from Serena and Lily. We decided on this one. Here is what they look like as dry samples on the wall...

shell pink, the one we chose

juice pink, too bright

I also picked out some lovely items for my parents to wrap for me for Christmas. :) This is typical in my family where nothing can be a surprise since I am picky. I am in love with these Serena and Lily items here, here, and here.

And finally Matt's Aunt Kerri sent us this darling dress from Janie and die for! Apparently I need some baby hangers.

Whew, that was a lot of maternity Monday! Have a safe Halloween!

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