Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I thought I would fill you in on the details from our "sex party." :) Conservatively known as our gender reveal party. :)
we have never had a dishwasher. i went with paper.

martha stewart pom poms!

photo ribbon

at the end of the night there were still more boy votes than girl! losers!

girls and boys

critcut banner! Baby B he or she?
Team Blue (how rude!) ;)
Team Pink! uh, and grandma's bright green shirt...
sadly this is the best picture I have of the cake. Someone (ahem, matt) said he got the shot earlier. Boo. It was absolutely adorable, a cute prego chest and tummy wearing a yellow dress! It even had a floral pattern! 

Hope you enjoyed the party details! I'm still floating on cloud 9. I'm starting to think I will never come down... Have a great Tuesday!


  1. such a fun party with great ideas!! the best part is that it is really exciting for everyone!! what a special moment to share with your family!

  2. SO presh...love all the details. You did a great job!


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