Maternity Mondays: Week 16

Monday, October 24, 2011

After I saw this week's picture I told Matt, "Woah! Look at how big my belly is!" And he said, "Yeah, you are full on pregnant!" It's funny though because I don't feel huge until I catch a glimpse of myself in a car window refection (that's right, I'm always checking out my profile now every chance I get!) or try to roll over in bed, which seems like a giant effort now!

had to start taking pictures outside because we're not getting enough light inside anymore!

This week's happenings:

-feeling SO happy still because baby is a SHE! Never gonna get over it...

-decided on a name this week. :) can't decide when to share it...

- stopped picking things up off the floor. I hate doing it. It's uncomfortable and I either use my toes or holler Matt in from the other room. At work I make my students pick everything up. :)

- wondering about the fact that my students' parents still haven't asked me if I'm expecting...they must still think I'm one heck of a beer drinker...

-received some baby stuff in the mail this week that I ordered from Gap and Gilt Group! So adorable, see for yourself! 

Aden and Anais swaddle blankets

 reversible hat here

 ready for my close-up :) here

 lace trim leggings here. I got them in two shades of pink.

 lace long- sleeve bodysuit here. I also got it in a darker pink. 

 go- girls glittery bodysuit here

go- girls glittery body suit here

And while writing this blog I stumbled upon this...

a cupcake beanie?!?! I have to have this! I slapped this on my registry faster than you can say "bake me a cake as fast as you can!"

Hope that was enough girly baby stuff for you! :) Doctor's appointment today again. Praying that everything is still looking normal and on track. See you tomorrow!


  1. All the girl things are so presh! You really are coming along! Almost halfway there! :)

  2. Those swaddle blankets are adorable! Hope the doctor appt went well!

  3. so glad i didnt buy those swaddle blankets for you. No joke they were in the basket! :)


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