The Verdict Is: Quilty!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So I realize that today is Tasty Tuesday. The problem is that my husband barbecued some delicious flank steak Sunday night and I failed to take pictures of it. :( Then my neighbor brought over the most amazing pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting EVER! And I ate them both and did not share with Matt. (He just doesn't appreciate novelty items such as pumpkin flavored anything.) And then I again failed to take photos of her cupcakes. Boo. I can't even think about taking a picture when food is in front of me! :( So instead of tasty Tuesday we are going to have to make it tasty Thursday this week once I get my paws on that recipe.

Therefore, today I am posting on Campus Quilts since it is finally turning into fall in southern California! This company is pretty sweet because you send them all of your college T shirts and they turn it into a blanket! If you have an awesome mother- in- law like I do then you got yours for free because she has been doing this for a long time. :) (By the way Linda, you could be charging over $100 for one of these things!) I love that this blanket shows both mine and Matt's college experience. It's great for picnics or snuggling up around the fire pit.  

 Can you tell which shirts are mine and which were Matt's? Hmmm pink vs. engineering...

I choose a green/yellow backing for Cal Poly pride
So blogger thinks it's smart and rotated this picture the wrong way. I can't make it horizontal but do you notice the mustang embroidery? It covers the whole blanket and adds a little something extra.

Do you have old T shirts laying around? Send them away to Campus quilts! I'm sure they are just as good marginal compared to Linda's. :)

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