Little Laundry

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is definitely a first for me but last week I did laundry and I LOVED it! You know why? Because it was itty bitty darling little girl clothes! I washed a load of clothes, blankets, socks, etc. that I have accumulated since finding out she was a girl. Am I crazy for loving it? Probably. But wait till it's your will go gaga over your baby's clothes too I bet!

I'm totally going to add ribbon to the pockets, and hood of that sweatshirt!

had to buy the pink tutu!

     Funny story about the Hooter Hiders... my friend Julie has this exact breast feeding cover up and I happened to see it on sale in our neighborhood yard sales. I held it up and shouted to Matt, who had the dog, "Hey remember Julie's Hooter Hider? This is the same one!" Then the woman who was selling the item said to Matt, "Yeah, remember Julie's hooters?" We had a pretty good laugh and she thought she was pretty funny. :)
But speaking of yard sales, I am usually not a frequenter but I totally scored at this last one! I got a Hooter Hider, a nursing pillow called My Brest Friend (harhar), and a Baby Bjorn carrier all for $20! the Baby Bjorn alone is $65! Such a steal. :) I was very impressed with myself! I should have saved this post and called it "thrifty Thursday!" Although this is probably the only time when I will be able to do that. Being registered at Pottery Barn doesn't lend itself to "thriftiness"...


  1. Nice finds at the sale! Little laundry is the cutest...until you have to do it on a regular basis. Ha ha.

  2. Love the hooter hider story! LOL! I love that you're registered at PB too! :)

  3. Awww I remember doing laundry like this. Just wait until you go into her room and fold and re-fold everything, dreaming of the moment when she arrives. Enjoy every sec!! xo And isn't PBK addictive? A great place to register.

  4. So precious!!! I miss washing baby clothes!!

  5. I love the Cal Poly sweater!!!!! =) Excited for you, Natalie!!


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