Mini Redecorating Binge

Thursday, July 14, 2011

     Recently I've been on a mini redecorating binge. I say mini because I've been purchasing small items that make a big impact. I say binge because I've been purchasing a lot of them! I replaced this centerpiece with the one pictured below. I have had this serving tray since we got married and only used it for dinner parties. The pictures were cute but seemed too juvenile for me now so I replaced them with scrapbook paper that complemented my new throw pillows. 

all the pictures had food in them some how. whether it was wedding cake or a slice of pizza

pale blue print paper with linen paper
 this is what it looked like before i hit the clearance rack at pottery barn and home goods...

and after...
 a cute doggy, some potpourri in tuberose (my fave!), a shiny candle holder, and coasters

i love!

and this is what it looks like after!

     It's amazing what accent pieces can do to a space! And it didn't break the bank! I purchased some other awesome things but those will be posted later. :) I love the new look and find myself trying to spend as much time as possible in this room now. 

     On a side note I noticed that my new accessories have a hint of grayish blue to them which I would have hated in the past but I am currently loving it. I think blue used to remind me of older houses that had blue tile in the kitchen/bathroom with geese (with bows around their necks) printed on everything from hand towels to soap dispensers. However now I think that it has a soothing quality and can be very "pottery barn" when done right. It is also a great color for summer and when winter comes I can switch it out if I want. But since I love it so much I probably won't. :) I can't wait to show you the other updates I did tomorrow!


  1. Such a cute idea for a coffetable tray! A great conversation piece!

  2. I'm your newest follower and I love the additions. You're right; they are small but have a huge impact!


  3. love the printed paper in the tray!

  4. Thanks for the add Becca! I tried to go to your blog but it was down. :(


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