Cozy Kitchen

Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to the last room in our home...the kitchen! In this case I did not save the best for last. I saved the worst for last. This is the room I am least excited about. Apparently in the 1920's people liked to cook in a box because that is the size of our kitchen. And while it may be charming it just doesn't cut if for functionality. We have no dishwasher and half of our drawers/cupboards either don't close of have a missing hinge. All of these things combined makes me that much more excited for our re-model! We are still in the beginning phases of having the plans drawn up and then choosing a contractor. Fingers crossed that in January we break ground. I'm currently dreaming about dishwashers, counter top space, an island, cupboards for our food etc. Cant. Even. Wait. For now though I have documented the kitchen below as a before... :)

 i always said i didn't want a cluttered fridge but i cut out everyone's Christmas cards from the previous year and tape them up. People love coming over and finding their picture and checking out the others. Guests literally walk in and go straight to the fridge!

 looking at our back door to the laundry/mud room

 like i said, quaint and cozy! 

 faux van gogh

 the other side of the fridge with wedding invites, save the dates, and all four years of my teaching pictures from the yearbook (just for laughs). 

 looking into our pantry/craft room

 where the magic happens...on my cricut! 

looking out of the pantry into the kitchen. 

Well that's it! Our bungalow in a nutshell (because that's what it is!). Hope you enjoyed the rest of the house and I absolutely can not wait to begin the re-modeling process with you! We are having a church BBQ tomorrow here this weekend so I will be busy. Then I am headed down to the beach for 2 glorious weeks! No worries, I will still be posting like a fiend. :)


  1. It is super cozy! I love the color of the walls.

  2. LOVE your fridge!! A picture filled fridge makes me smile!

  3. It's darling! So, so cute! I love the sink. Can't wait to follow along with the remodel. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. cute, so much charm. your craft area is my fun to have a spot to not just store but display things!!

  5. Nice! Your scrap room looks so clean in these pictures. :)

  6. Hi Natalie, I just stumbled upon your blog and this is a really cute tour of your home. I love your craft room. It's really well organized.

    Cheers! Reese


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