Showered With Love

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Sunday I attended a bridal shower for my beautiful soon to be sister-in-law. From now on I will refer to her as "sister" because it is so much easier to say and it sounds better. :) I had a great time ooooing and ahhhhing at her gifts and just happened to win some movie tickets. :) I busted out an oldie but goodie since this is the dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner! Here is a blast from the past...

and here are the recent photos...

 obsessed with this nail polish! Rica by Zoya

 comfiest wedges ever! totally wear these to work all the time.

 another great ATL purchase

 i've had these earrings for ages and still love them


 the beautiful bride to be and my lucky brother :)

 almost sisters!

dress: HYPE
wedges: Franco Sarto
necklace: ATL
earrings: nordstrom rack (no idea who makes them)

All the items in this shoot are "vintage." Can I say that?. What qualifies as vintage? Sorry there are no links! See you tomorrow with the last room in our house...the kitchen!


  1. So this is a small world! I'm facebook friends with Tiffany! We went to high school together(I'm a year ahead) and both went to Cal Poly! I love your outfit and was totally wondering why I was having deja vu for the first couple pictures!


  2. You look adorable and so does your new sister. Great pics!!

  3. I love those earrings! What a lovely shower. :)

  4. I miss SLO too! I've only out of school a year but it feels like longer. Such a fun town!


  5. You look so pretty!! What a great way of pairing of accessories with it!

  6. YOU are stunning Natalie!! The end. Ohh and I love your feather earrings.

  7. I prefer "sister" too. Especially since we can totally pass as real sisters. You looked stunning and I am so excited for the shower in one week! :)


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